No!! Sonics’ Okie Owners Planned Move All Along?

Jim Brunner of the SEATTLE TIMES has news that we find appalling: The Seattle Sonics new Oklahoma-based owners basically planned to move the team to OKC from day one.

Captain Obvious Clay Bennett

E-mails obtained by lawyers for the city of Seattle show Sonics owners were talking enthusiastically last April about moving the franchise to Oklahoma City — despite telling the public and the NBA they were still interested in keeping the team here.


Why is this news? Why is this a story? Is there a multi-cellullar organism west of the Mississippi that didn’t think that was the plan all along? We wish they’d just get the move over with and get back to the business of finding new local owners for the next Seattle franchise, be it the Sonics or otherwise.

The NBA will remain in Seatlle, and Oklahoma City will soon have an NBA team. So that means the league will have teams in Memphis, New Orleans and OKC.

Who’s next? Nassau?

New Orleans and Memphis have proved that markets that size cannot support 82 games per year - with or without a winner (yes, Memphis has had some decent teams). We have a feeling after a couple years, the new Oklahoma team will be in the same boat - and poised to move to Kansas City’s sparkling Sprint Center. If the Hornets or Gristle don’t get there first.

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