No SB Parade For Steelers; Teacher Shoots Baller

• Win or lose, Pittsburgh will not be throwing a parade for the Steelers.

Fat Steelers girl

(Sorry, ladies - you’ll have to find another reason to stand on a street corner)

• A North Carolina teacher who kidnapped & shot a women’s college basketball player receives the ultimate punishment - suspension with pay.

• Hey, Barry Bonds - looks like urine real trouble now!

• Why not buy a PSL for a football team that doesn’t exist?

B.J. Upton says Philly fans are pretty bad; also states sky is blue.

George W. Bush given a standing ovation at a Baylor women’s b-ball game, gets treated better than he did on the Nationals’ Opening Day.

• Apparently, Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill just loves to scream & squawk at his employees.

• A hockey analyst’s comments about the “pansification” of his sport doesn’t go over well with gay groups.

• And the winner of today’s Screamin’ Serena caption contest is…

Serena Williams shouting

Mdog, with this contribution: Oh yes I CAN put my fist in my mouth…

Thanks for playing. Be sure to give a shout-out to tomorrow’s contest.