NO Saints Coach Knows Plenty About Screenplays

There’s something in the human endeavor that encourages those successful in one arena to attempt success in a wildly different one.  For example, NFL people can’t stop diving into Hollywood helmet-first.  Jim Brown is the textbook example, but Merlin Olsen and Alex Karros couldn’t resist working in front of the camera.  Michael Strahan owes much to the FTD Florists man.

Sean Payton accepts Coach of the Year

(Next stop: The Academy Awards)

And now New Orleans head coach Sean Payton wants in on the action.  He wrote a screenplay, you see, and he… wait, he didn’t even write the screenplay?  He had a four-page idea for a screenplay and gave it to someone to write and now CAA is shopping it? That’s how it works? No wonder NFL players want into Hollywood; they work that hard before lunch at the first two-a-days of the year.

Best of all, the idea is about how a magical Xbox starts actually controlling NFL games in New Orleans after a hurricane because he saw his son playing an Xbox and he lives in New Orleans and now it could be a movie.  Because that’s fair.

Perhaps his tight end, Jeremy Shockey, hooked him up with CAA before he took a well-earned vacation in Las Vegas before his unfortunate “dehydration” episode.  Now could that be a movie?  It fits on a Post-It note, so it might just be a sitcom.

Oh well.  A Pick-Me-Up bouquet will paper over the envy.

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