No One Yells Fore As Flying Cart Smacks Golfers

There are understatements, and then there is this from LOHUD.COM: Police had to rescue two golfers at the Beekman Country Club in East Fishkill, NY, after they were trapped under their golf cart. The reason wasn’t that they had flipped it after too many trips to the beer cart, but because a “weird wind event” had suddenly lifted the cart off the ground and pinned them underneath. Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty weird.


(A destructive Devil, but not to blame for this golf incident)

Officials at the National Weather Service in Albany said that the incident could have been caused by something known as a “dust devil,” an isloated weather event that can cause a small, but extremely powerful funnel of wind. Think of a mini-tornado, and you get the general idea. I saw them quite frequently in Central California growing up, but never with the power to overturn golf carts, so I’m still leaning towards the “beer cart” theory.

But, strange things can happen with wind and sporting events. For example, you might remember a fan getting demolished by a trash can during a huge summer storm at Busch Stadium back in 2006:

…and then there’s this incident from a South African soccer match a few years ago, when a freak gust of wind blew a bunch of the advertising signs onto the field and caused quite a bit of destruction:

Back to this case in New York: After getting untangled from their carts (and probably changing their shorts), the golfers had minor bumps and scrapes on their head, but valiantly decided to continue on with their round. Personally, I’d take that as God’s sign that maybe I wasn’t making a hole-in-one today and head back to the 19th hole a bit early.