No One Gives A Rip About David Wells Were Waiting For USC Football Now

NO ONE IN THE (213) GIVES A DAMN ABOUT DAVID WELLS: Everyone we know outside of Los Angeles was intrigued by fake surfer (uh, the guy’s diabetic … hello?) David Wells’ victorious pitching performance against the Mets last night.

David Wells Bony Ass Dodgers

But since the Dodgers’ pathetically precipitous plummet in the standings, we Angelenos have long since turned our attention to the high hopes of USC football.

Jenna USC Football

And thankfully, the Trojans’ ten tailbacks this Saturday take on the Idaho Vandals and their bevy of two-bills-short (under 200 lbs.) defenders.

Idaho Vandals Football Fans

We’d like to think the UCLA Bruins have a chance in hell to contend in the Pac-10 too, but future head coach DeWayne Walker is still a year or two away.