Fridge Gets Repairs; Griffey HR Grabber Homeless

One by one, the SbB Girls are slowly taking over the media landscape.

William “Refrigerator” Perry had to be brought in for maintenance.

William Refrigerator Perry

• See what happens when you bite & punch kids just to grab a Ken Griffey Jr. home run ball? You wind up on the streets.

Michael Irvin’s house is a very, very, very fine house.

Geddy Lee Rushes to Kansas City to give some special autographed gifts to the Negro Leagues Museum.

• One EliteXC fighter wasn’t so impressed with Kimbo Slice’s primetime debut.

• Hooters Girls banned from Belmont? What’s the point of watching then?

• Tests are done to see if Viagara gives cyclists an unfair rise on the course.

• L.A. TIMES columnist Bill Plaschke says Paul Pierce was faking it.

• Olympic swimmer Janet Evans to dive into a Celebrity Circus.

• Canadians just can’t get enough of Chris Berman.