No, Dolphin Rookie Vontae Davis Was Not Arrested

Earlier this month, PRO FOOTBALL TALK reported that the Dolphins’ first round draft pick, cornerback Vontae Davis, was arrested in Champaign, Illinois for excessive vehicular noise and driving without a valid license. Yikes. Bad news, right?

Vontae Davis
(Davis, seen here moments before being arrested for football theft.)

Well, just like the rumors of a failed drug test at the combine, the arrest rumor is false, according to Davis. At his blog on YARDBARKER, Davis says he couldn’t have been arrested in Champaign; he wasn’t even in the same time zone

I’m sure you have heard or read the rumor that “I was arrested in Champaign, Illinois on June 9th” but I wanted to let you know that it is not true. The only explanation I have is that my wallet was stolen while I was still in school and someone might be impersonating me.

During the time I was “supposedly arrested,” I was actually here in Florida at OTA’s.


As we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time during the offseason that Davis has had his name smeared unfairly. That’s got to be hell on his agent, right?

“Vontae, we need to talk. Why were you arrested up in Champaign yesterday?”
“Um, I wasn’t.”
“The police disagree.”
“Wasn’t me.”

Davis’ exhortation at the end, though:


…rings a bit false, though. Sure, the drug test rumors were worth questioning, and they were proven false. But as far as things not to be believed, doesn’t that list necessarily begin with things people say about themselves? Davis has been on the right side of the truth more often than reports recently, but as a general rule, a person’s statements are about the least reliable source of information available. That or Matt Drudge.