No Denials Danica Won’t Pose Nude For ESPN Mag

Darren Rovell of CNBC follows up my report late last night that Danica Patrick will appear nude in an upcoming issue of ESPN THE MAGAZINE.

Danica Patrick Signs Fans Bare Boobs

(If only Danica had denied this nude pose)

The issue, which breaks in October, is officially known as “The Body Issue” and will feature athletes in non-explicit nude poses. Rovell got this response from ESPN The Magazine’s editor-in-chief Gary Belsky when he asked if Patrick would be part of the issue:

“We are not announcing which athletes are participating in The Body Issue at this time,” Belsky, wrote in an e-mail. “When we do reveal the participant list, we will not reveal who disrobed and who did not. The photos will answer most such questions, of course; and we will otherwise let the individual athletes reveal, should they so choose, whether they removed all clothing for our shoots.”

Posing nude is a pretty touchy subject for someone as high profile as Danica Patrick, so if she unequivocally wasn’t going to be included in the issue, don’t you think Belsky would go out of his way to say that?
Rovell also contacted a public relations firm under Patrick’s employ:

Lewis Kay of BNC public relations, which helps represent Patrick, came back with this note. “Danica is NOT confirmed to appear in the issue, nor has she even been approached,” Kay wrote.

Again, posing nude is a pretty big deal if you’re a high-profile female athlete like Patrick. If you had absolutely no interest in doing so for ESPN The Magazine, wouldn’t you tell your p.r. people to let that clearly be known?

If Patrick indeed hadn’t yet been contacted by ESPN The Magazine, I’m assuming she was asked today by Mr. Kay about my report. If she had no interest in doing it, wouldn’t you think she’d have said “no!” and we’d be done?

So the two parties involved provided us with exactly zero denials today that Patrick will appear nude in the issue.

The Body Issue is a very important undertaking by ESPN The Mag, so you can understand why editorial wants to keep its plans under wraps. If you actually thought we were going to get 1000% confirmation and a big thumbs-up over my report today, then you’re a media and public relations novice.

Read those above quotes very carefully and get back to me in six weeks.

And who knew a man who ate vaseline could be so prescient?