No Defense For Confederate Flag From South Carolina Coach Spurrier

NO DEFENSE FOR FLAG FROM SC GAMECOCKS BALL COACH: We once called the South home for a dozen years, and are happy to report long overdue news that was in part spurred by a certain bladder-impaired coach at South Carolina.

Steve Spurrier

TOUCH THE ELBOW illuminates: “First it was USC Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier in April, commenting several times that it was time to take it (confederate flag) down. Shortly after, I found myself reading letter after letter to the (Charleston, SC) Post and Courier, attacking Spurrier for daring to question that a Battle Flag of a defeated country, which was never recognized by another government, would fly on a monument on located on the State House grounds.Today something different happened; a major group besides the NAACP came out against the flag.


During our Dixie days, the only thing we found more appalling than the practice of passing off boiled peanuts as a delicacy worthy of consistent consumption was the detestable display of a symbol of diarrhea-inducing division.