No Alabama Player Is Safe From Saban’s Tirades

Alabama cleared their last hurdle to the SEC West championship game this weekend, dispatching LSU in a game that was every bit as ugly as you’d expect from two such defensive stalwarts of the SEC. How bad was it? Nick Saban lost his s**t a couple times, and his boys didn’t even lose the game.

Nick Saban gives it a ride
(Well, he’s either really happy or really angry, and Saban has never been happy once in his life, sooo…)

So when a penalty killed Alabama’s decent shot at a go-ahead touchdown early in the 4th quarter, Nick Saban directed his ire at one of Alabama’s most recognizable players - wideout Julio Jones. Why is it worth watching? For the awkward “I’m so mad I could throw this damn thing but waitwaitwait this is expensive” headset-swinging that Saban engages in.

Video is after the break.

Naturally, Jones turtled after that dressing down from Saban and didn’t catch a pass for the rest of the game. Wait, hang on, we’re told the exact opposite happened: just two minutes later, Jones took a screen pass 73 yards for the go-ahead score.

The game wasn’t without some officiating controversy, though, since this is the SEC and their officials have a nasty tendency to piss off coaches and fans of teams who are playing Alabama and Florida. In this game, LSU appeared to pick off a pass late in the game with a 21-15 deficit. Replay during the challenge had convinced both Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist that an interception was the right call. It really was an impressive play, if not an immediately obvious call. Here, watch for yourself before the SEC brownshirts scrub it from existence:

Naturally, it was called incomplete, Bama drove about 20 more yards, and kicked a field goal to ice the game at 24-15. Game, blouses.

It does make you wonder whether Bama or Florida’s more susceptible to a loss once their inevitable SEC Championship game is realized. Our money is on a 10-9 win for one team, and it will be the ugliest little lump of defensive ugly that ever uglied. But hey, that’s just Big Ten SEC football!