NJ Nets Fans: Finally An Excuse To Drink Alone

It’s official, the economy has now recovered. How do I know? The Bad Idea Dept. is fully restocked. Introducing the NBA’s officially-licensed(?) champagne:

NBA Champagne

Something called “Les Jeux Ltd.” is supposedly rolling out the release of the bottles with this post on the company’s Myspace page: “Get your bottle(s) now before the premier. The first shipment just arrived and with each bottle marked with official hologram NBA serial#.”

Tempting, I know.

The company only exists it appears to market the booze, and is doing so with a couple of empty website pages, and a Myspace page. There’s also no official word yet from the NBA on the product, leading one to believe that the bubbly may not be officially licensed after all. (As if that matters.)

Though you must admit, NBA Champagne is a brilliant idea, considering the huge market for it in cities like Sacramento, East Rutherford/Brooklyn and Charlotte.

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