Nitwit Throws Rocks, Picks Fight In ‘UFC Training’

Say that you’re a guy who wants to start a career in UFC, but there’s no one around in your neighborhood to fight. Oh, and also you’re an idiot. Your mission is clear — start throwing rocks at random strangers, and hope you get your ass kicked.

Ernest T. Bass, UFC

That’s what a genius in Silverdale, Washington, did recently - police saying that he was “begging for a fight” by provoking a group of men and boys near a TJ Maxx store, because he was in training to be a UFC fighter and wanted to experience being pummeled. Instead, he got tackled by a sheriff’s deputy, and is now in Kitsap County Jail.

The KITSAP SUN was on the scene:

“Rocks began to rain down,” on five people gathered behind the TJ Maxx Store on Silverdale Way sometime around 7:40 p.m., according to Kitsap County Sheriff’s reports.

The 22-year-old man emerged as the thrower and told the group, who ranged in age from 15 to 50, that he was preparing for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and “he needed to practice getting knocked out so he could prepare,” deputies wrote.

Though the group asked the man to leave, he allegedly “sucker punched,” a 21-year-old and a fight broke out. The 22-year-old eventually pulled a pocket knife, deputies wrote, and swung it at the 21-year-old before he lost control of the weapon.

Evidently this is somewhat of a problem in the Kitsap area. Last year one South Kitsap man knocked out another over a missing $10 - while both were watching a UFC fight.