Nike Markets New Shoe Specifically For Native Americans

NIKE HOTFOOTS SHOE DESIGNED FOR NATIVE AMERICANS: Nike is ready to cover the Blackfoot and other tribes, as the shoe maker is staring to sell directly to Native Americans:

Nike Air Native N7 Indian shoes

THE LONDON GUARDIAN reports the sneaker shucker is rolling out the Air Native N7 - the first shoe to be marketed directly toward a specific race or ethnicity. The ANN7 is said to have a larger fit than regular shoes, and style a more culturally specific look than your average Air Jordans.

Well, it sure beats moccasins.

Nike says they will re-invest all profits from the sneaker sales to health programs on reservations and tribal lands, in order to help battle such problems as obesity, diabetes and other medical maladies affecting the First Nations.

Cleveland Indians Florida State Seminoles

So, does this mean the Cleveland Indians and Florida State Seminoles are in line for some new footwear?

And with this kind commercial gesture, is Nike expecting a share of some casino profits?