Nicole Manske: The You-Know-Who Of NASCAR

It turns out that it’s not just Brent Musburger who is stalking a certain sideline reporter, I will leave it to THE BIG LEAD to draw connections between Erin Andrews and the comely Nicole Manske.

Nicole Manske

Before we discuss Ms. Manske further, we just realized we’ve reaching our Erin Andrews quota for the day, so we assure you we won’t mention her again unless someone emails us new photos.

OK, so TBL cranks out Ms. Manske’s vitals right here.


“1998 Miss Teen USA semifinalist (it was won by MTV’s Vanessa Minnillo). High School cheerleader in 1996 with Danica Patrick in Rockton, Ill.”

I hope this doesn’t mean I have to start watching NASCAR along with college basketball.