Nicole Begg New Zealand Speedskater Literally Uncovers Herself To Get Media Coverage

KIWI SKATER UNCOVERS BODY TO GAIN MEDIA COVERAGE: A news outlet in New Zealand reports that “International speedskating star Nicole Begg is hoping to lift her international profile and that of her sport by undressing.

Nicole Begg Nude Photo New Zealand Speed Skater

The 19-year-old blonde Begg’s “motivation is to raise her profile in the hope of attracting a sponsor and also to promote inline skating.

Jessica Simpson

Her dad reminds us a little of Jessica Simpson’s father (Joe “my daughter has double-d cups” Simpson) with his creepy comments: “Begg’s father Bill, a coach, said his daughter had also posed for the photographs because the official World Inline Cup magazine wanted a sexier image. ‘It got beach volleyball in the Olympics and that’s where we would love to be.’