Nick Saban Audio Calls LSU Fan CoonAss

SABAN SPEAKS TOO COON: Nick Saban is probably going to hear from the Ethnic Studies department in Tuscaloosa after they hear him call an LSU fan a “coon-ass” (among other things) in this off-the-record audio provided by the website profootballtalk.

To the folks outside of the durty south, coon-ass “is an epithet used in reference to a person of Cajun ethnicity.”

Nick Saban CoonAss Audio

Partial transcription of Saban’s down-low convo to reporters about an LSU fan commenting about his defection to rival Alabama:

One of the guys on the board, one of the board of trustees guys (at LSU) … you won’t be able to put this on the thing … like these people around here sitting up on the stage, at LSU, is walking down the street yesterday before the Sugar Bowl.

He calls me, there was a guy working in a ditch, one of those coon-ass guys, that talk funny. I can’t talk like them, but he (the LSU trustee) can, most people in Louisiana can, and he (guy in ditch) says, (Saban imitating cajun accent) ‘Hey, you see that Coach Saban signed up with Alabama?’ … however they talk … (returns to cajun accent) ‘that son of a b—-, i feel like he’s (expletive) my wife.”

Don’t know who loves this more, Wayne Huizenga or the member of the Lousiana State faithful who uploaded the embarrassing audio.