Faldo Recruits Maiden Drummer To Help With Irons

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t read it myself: The SUN (UK) reports that European Ryder Cup team captain Nick Faldo is bringing in Iron Maiden drummer (and golf nut) Nicko McBrain to “help motivate the team.”

Eddie and Nick Faldo

The SUN’S Gordon Smart apparently caught Faldo mentioning it during his work commentating on the British Open for the BBC.

I’m struggling to picture Colin Montgomerie in his leathers moshing to Bring Your Daughter . . . To The Slaughter. It would make a terrible mess of his cashmere sweaters. And upholders of the stuffy etiquette of the golfing circuit won’t be too pleased if he plays any of his back catalogue too loudly around tee-off time.

Like, say, this?

I think that’s pretty good motivation, myself. Not to be outdone, there are rumors and mutterings (read: the ones in my head) that U.S. team captain Paul Azinger will bring on golf nut Alice Cooper to counter for American motivation to take the Ryder Cup back.