NHL Will Fine Detroit $10K For Octopi ‘Twirling’

You’re probably aware that any Red Wings fan might celebrate a playoff goal by throwing a dead octopus onto the ice. It’s a tradition that was started 56 years ago, and the eight legs on the slimy beast represented the eight wins a team needed to win the Stanley Cup.

Octopus detroit red wings

The tradition is again coming under fire. This time from the NHL. You’ve heard about Dan Wholey, the Pittsburgh seafood market owner that won’t sell to Detroit fans? Fair enough. The guy owns a business, and he’s a Pens fan. He obviously doesn’t want to contribute to the enemy’s cause. But then the league had to step in and make things ridiculous, as the league does so well. From John Niyo at THE DETROIT NEWS via MLIVE.COM:

That slimy job [of removing thrown octopi from the ice] will be left to the linesmen from now on, [NHL director of hockey operations Colin] Campbell decreed…Violating the new mandate from the league’s front office will result in a $10,000 fine.

How does Colin Campbell hold down a job in that office? That guy hates the game, and wants everyone to suffer. I need a better explanation than “octopus goo” to kill one of the best traditions of your postseason. I wish someone would throw HIM onto a block of ice and twirl him around. He doesn’t deserve to have it so good.