NHL PR Over Prostitution Ring Foiled By Newsday

Damn, just when the NHL had a chance to get back in the public eye, NEWSDAY has to go and screw things up.

Sean Avery Involved In Prostitution Ring?

Saturday the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reported that “Rangers hockey star Sean Avery’s name and private cell phone number are in the little black book of Manhattan madam Kristin Davis.”

When contacted by the D-N, Avery, who has been linked to several female celebs in the past, laughingly denied the claim.

But NEWSDAY next reported:

Mark Heller, the attorney for recently arrested madam Kristin Davis, told Newsday last night that his client has “never had any contact whatsoever” with Rangers forward Avery, whose name and cell-phone number were in the electronic “black book” allegedly uncovered by the Daily News.”

Leaving ESPN has meant the NHL has been relegated, at least in the Lower 48, to minor league status. This was an opportunity for the league to jump back into the main media spotlight (hello Perez Hilton!), and maybe gain some momentum going into the always-fun playoff season.

Sean Avery Middle Finger

Not to mention promoting one of the league’s most notorious, and strange personalities.

Most importantly, perhaps the added publicity would’ve gotten Gatorade to stop running that Sidney Crosby ad every five seconds during the NCAA basketball tournament. The ad was pretty damn cool, the first 200 times we saw it. Enough already.