NHL Network Coming To An American TV Screen Near You

NHL NETWORK SKATING ITS WAY TO AMERICAN TV HOMES: Following in the footsteps of the NFL, NBA and Big Ten, the NHL is getting ready to unleash a network of their own to the American viewing public:

NHL Network

TV WEEK reports that the NHL Network has just finalized agreements to be carried by many major cable and satellite providers throughout the U.S.

The league says the channel will be available to 75 million homes. However, DirecTV, Time Warner, and all the others will be putting the new network on their sports tiers - which will likely place their actual audience at about 1/10th of their predictions.

The NHL Network plans to show 50 games this season - unless they get blacked out, due to local broadcast rights.

Hockey Blackout

The network has been in existence since 2001, but was shown mainly in Canada. An NHL spokesperson says they hope to have more American-based programming by the end of the season.

In addition to on-ice action, the net promises to show classic games, documentaries and other hockey-related fare. Hopefully, that includes classic fights and Don Cherry’s pearls of wisdom.

We believe American viewers will flock to this new network offering, just as they did when the NHL left ESPN for Versus.