NFLPA Grievance For Seymour? Um, Never Mind

Things were getting pretty uncomfortable between the Oakland Raiders and their newest acquisition, Richard Seymour. (Then again, isn’t everything involving the Raiders uncomfortable?) The ex-Patriot has been postponing his arrival in Oaktown, and the Raiders have been losing patience, finally sending Seymour a letter saying if he doesn’t show up in the next 5 days, he’s going to be suspended - possibly for the season.

Richard Seymour

Well, the NFL Players Association wasn’t too happy to hear about that, and they were ready to take action. The NFLPA said they planned to file a grievance on Richard’s behalf, arguing that the Raiders had no right to send such a threatening letter.

Um, on second though, never mind.

Seymour finally broke his silence about the trade to Oakland, saying he took news of the trade personally - not because of the Raiders, but because of his family:

“I didn’t demand anything to go there,” he said. “I’m happy to go there, and I told them that. But me and my family have never been separated. This was a difficult transition.”

So Seymour’s silence was really just a moment of self-reflection:

“First of all, I was blindsided by this whole event,” Seymour told the Herald. “When you get blindsided, you should take a moment to gather your thoughts. I have a lot of personal issues more pressing than football.”

Seymour has four children and is the guardian of a 15-year-old cousin, who had recently joined him in the Boston area. Seymour’s family will return to South Carolina, while he flies to Oakland on Saturday to join his new team.

Now that Richard is begrudgingly off to Oakland, associate executive director George Atallah said the NFLPA has decided to drop its grievance. But YAHOO SPORTS’ Jason Cole wonders if the matter is really done:

Specifically, Atallah was asked if the matter was moot or if the union was going to pursue something for clarification of the process?

“Moot,” Atallah answered via email.

Yep, sounds done. Now Seymour can stop dealing with the insanity and settle in with the calm, loving atmosphere that typifies the Oakland Raiders.