NFLer, Son Of Texas A&M Chancellor: Opinionated

Appears we’re hitting the home stretch this week on conference realignment involving the Big 12, SEC and Pac-10.

Son of A&M Chancellor Seth McKinney is rather opinionated

Lots of conjecture in the press today about how politics is playing a role in what Texas and Texas A&M will do in that regard. But the biggest political mover and shaker, Texas Governor and A&M alumnus Rick Perry, is most likely not directly involved in the discussions.

Why? He’s in China.


China has invited the world to the Shanghai Expo, hoping it will be the largest world fair ever. Texas is responding by paying $425,000 to sponsor ‘Texas Week’ at the USA Pavilion. As tourists are exposed to Texas-style entertainment, Perry and a delegation of business leaders want to expose Chinese companies and officials to the benefits of buying from or building in Texas. Two members of Austin-area chambers of commerce also will make the trip.

That isn’t to say that Perry won’t have influence on what the Aggies and Longhorns end up doing, but you would think his location could minimize his impact on the discussion. Ironic considering Perry appointed each and every member of the Texas A&M and Texas Board of Regents.

One such appointment was Dr. Michael McKinney, the Chairman of the A&M Board of Regents and Chancellor of The Texas A&M University System. McKinney, who once served as Perry’s Chief of Staff, has a son named Seth who played football at A&M and currently is with the Buffalo Bills.

Turns out can be rather opinionated on the subject of A&M’s conference affiliation.

Seth recently sent out Tweets pertaining to A&M’s conference dilemma and his apparent opinion on Texas’ (”tu”) possible role in the breakup of the annual rivalry football game between the schools:

@billyliucci if we go to the PAC 16 I’m going on a hunger strike!!!

@JLR512 shhhh! They’re watching you now. A&M is the one that started all this, and will refuse to play on thanksgiving. No wait that’s tu!

Liucci is the publisher of, a prominent A&M sports website. He reported Monday:

I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that A&M is staying the course and will continue to explore ALL options–SEC, Pac AND a 10-team Big 12

Seth’s Tweets by no means tip off what A&M will do, but it certainly is interesting to know his thoughts and could provide some insight into what might happen.