NFLer: Battery Charge After Wife Saw Facebook

Austin Miller of the OCALA (FL) STAR-BANNER reports that veteran NFL player Clinton Hart was arrested by Ocala police on Tuesday and charged with battery of his wife Kelli after a dispute arose over his Facebook account and cellphone.

Clinton Hart Charged With Battery After Wife Discovered His Facebook Account

Ironically, it was the 32-year-old Hart who first called authorities, summoning Ocala Police Officer Matt H. Friedman to the workplace of his wife Kelli.

She told the official her husband was using a computer to look at his Facebook account and that he left the building, leaving the account open, and leaving behind his cellphone. Kelli Hart said she took the phone and put it in her right rear jeans pocket, and that the Facebook page was left open.

Realizing he left his phone inside and his Facebook page open, Clinton Hart attempted to re-enter the business, but was prevented from doing so by his wife.

That’s when the alleged battery ensued.

He said the argument began when an unknown woman messaged his Facebook account saying she knows him personally. His wife saw it and got upset when he returned to the business to close down his account and tried to get his phone. He also said his wife had a brick and was threatening to throw it through the windshield of his vehicle.

The two struggled, and Clinton Hart reportedly grabbed his wife’s rear pocket, tearing it to retrieve his phone. During the struggle, she was hit in the lower lip.

While in custody at Marion County Jail on Wednesday, Hart told the Ocala newspaper that he didn’t do anything wrong:

While waiting for his first appearance before a judge via video
Wednesday morning at the Marion County Jail, Hart told the Star-Banner the incident was “a misunderstanding.”

He said he called police because he wanted to calm down the situation, but if he had known better he would not have done so.

He told the Star-Banner that no “girl messaged him.” He said he left
the Facebook account open and wanted to return and turn it off, but his
wife didn’t want him to do so.

If Hart, who owns a full-service beauty salon in Ocala, did nothing wrong then why did was his wife trying to “close out” his Facebook account and preventing him from retrieving his cell phone? Not to mention later threatening to throw a brick through the windshield of his car?

Hart also told the officer that, “the argument began when an unknown woman messaged his Facebook account saying she knows him personally.

Hart later told the Star-Banner newspaper “no ‘girl messaged him’”.

For an 32-year-old NFL journeyman who is currently unsigned after stints with the Eagles, Chargers and Rams, this doesn’t bode well for Hart’s future pro football career.