NFL Video Limits For Online News Sites

THE NFL KILLED THE VIDEO STAR; LIMITS ONLINE FOOTAGE: The NFL once again stands for “No Fun League”, as the pro football fraternity wants to place limits on the amount of online video available:

NFL computer lab

The SCORES REPORT downloads the news that the league is imposing a daily limit of 45 seconds of video coverage available to online news outlets.

Stopwatch Forbidden

In addition to the replays rationing, the clips must be accompanied by links to the NFL’s official website and the official site of whatever team is being featured.

NFL Europa website

So next season, expect to be re-directed to some new sites if you want to see footage of:

Chris Henry running like crazy for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Michael Vick’s mad scrambles for the Atlanta Falcons.

The determined defensive stands of the Oakland Raiders

Jeff Garcia’s in-the-pocket moves for the Tampa Bay Bucs