NFL To Cover Walsh In Exchange For Dirt On Pats

Chris Mortensen reports today that “NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday at the Pro Bowl that the NFL is willing to give former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh legal indemnification for any information and materials he would provide to the league regarding his work with the Patriots.

New England Cheaters

In general legal terms, indemnity is a guarantee against any loss which another might suffer, often financially.

More specifically, the NFL will cover financial losses incurred by Walsh if he’s sued by the Patriots for providing information about the club that was covered in confidentiality agreement he signed with the Pats.

Of course, the move is solely related to the recent BOSTON HERALD report that Walsh knew about the Patriots’ video staff taping the St. Louis Rams’ pregame walk-through before Super Bowl 35.

Because of his close personal relationship with Patriots Owner Robert Kraft, Goodell was likely pressured into this move by other owners. Goodell wants this all to die, especially considering his destruction of the Pats’ illegal videotapes from the Jets game.

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