NFL Takes Pity On GOP, Offers To Move Game

Everyone outside the Beltway knows that most of us could give a damn about politics, and for good reason. That includes the NFL, which realizes that its sport is much more interesting, exciting and educational than a political party’s convention.

John McCain Football

So realizing that none of us will watch the GOP convention on September 4 if there is a conflict with the league’s season opener that night, the NFL is considering moving up the start time of the contest (which will feature the New York Giants).

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has the specifics: “The game, in which the Super Bowl-champion New York Giants will be the home team, now is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. EDT on Sept. 4 and will be televised by NBC. League spokesman Greg Aiello said Wednesday that the NFL is talking with the network about changing the game’s starting time to 7 p.m.”

Actually, to have a little fun, the NFL and GOP might consider having Tom Coughlin and John McCain switch spots that night.

Then again, that might be problematic. Under McCain’s coaching, the Giants’ defensive line would no doubt be penetrated by numerous anchor baby ball carriers. And Coughlin, during his speech, might bring up his offensive line, which would likely be reducing the role of government in our lives.

Scratch that.