NFL Puts Hold On Ex-Bengal Henry’s Job Hunting

Tired of talking about Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson? Let’s talk about ex-Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry!

Chris Henry Bengals

USA TODAY passes along news from the AP that the NFL has suspended the troublesome wideout until the outcome of his latest criminal case is decided.

Henry is scheduled to appear in Hamilton County court on June 24, facing assault charges of punching a man in the face and breaking his car window with a beer bottle. (It could have been worse the other way around. Or could it?)

This means that Chris, who was kicked out of Cincinnati back on April 3, can’t be shopping around his services to other prospective teams until his court date. If he’s found guilty, Henry will be unemployed a whole lot longer - Roger Goodell will likely extend his suspension through the whole 2008 season. But if he gets off the hook, the league could lift the suspension - maybe.

Seems a little harsh, doesn’t it? He’s only been arrested five times in the past three seasons.

But when Henry gets out of the hoosegow (if he goes in the first place - innocent until proven guilty, you know), we have a good idea of where he’ll end up.

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Not that it would make Dale Hansen happy.