NFL Raising Hell w/Churches Showing Super Bowl

The WASHINGTON POST reports that the National Football League is finally getting tough on the terrible scourge that slowly destroying their sport - churches throwing Super Bowl parties.

Jesus playing football figurine

Places of worship have been using Super Sunday parties as a way to bring parishoners together outside of their weekly chapel service - and hopefully bring some members back into the flock.

Rev. Thomas Omholt of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in D.C. explains such an event “takes people who are not coming frequently, or who have fallen away, and shows them that the church can still have some fun.”

But that’s why the NFL is sometimes known as the “No Fun League”.

The league says congregations gathering together to watch the Big Game on the big screen violates the NFL’s copyright. The league bans public showings of their games on sets larger than 55 inches.

Why the limited size? An NFL spokesman says large groups watching games outside the home affects TV ratings, which affects advertising revenue.

Super Bowl Hooters sign in Spanish

Yet sports bars are still allowed to show the games without any hassles. Maybe if churches expand their alcohol selection beyond holy wine, the NFL will get off their back.

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