NFL Radio Feed Squelches Claims Of Bryant Gumbel Belch

RADIO FEED SQUELCHES BRYANT BELCH: By now you’ve probably heard about Bryant Gumbel supposedly burping during the NFL Network’s Giants-Redskins broadcast last weekend (which Gumbel subsequently denied).

What you haven’t heard about is that the same scenario played out on the game’s national radio broadcast feed - on the Westwood One network.

During a break in the third quarter action, announcers Joel Meyers and Kevin Kiley were also interrupted by an on-air, pronounced, expectorate eruption (see belch) - the same sound that plagued the TV broadcast.

On the TV side, Gumbel and Collinsworth didn’t immediately comment on the gaseous intrusion, but on the radio feed, Kiley instaneously observed, “You could smell that from here“.

With both broadcasts impacted by the maladorous audio, one could conclude that someone on the sidelines got loose with a crowd microphone - and wasn’t shy about promoting the Fedex Field foot-long frankfurters.

Joel Meyers

As an aside, what Kiley was really smelling: Meyers’ doggie breath.