NFL QB Chokes Away Golf Match To 14-Year-Old

NFL quarterbacks represent the pinnacle of athletic ability. They are the golden boys of pro sports, gods walking among us mere mortals … the walking embodiment of what a man should be. So if they’re involved in an athletic competition - any athletic competition - against a 14-year-old kid, they should be able to brush aside the challenge like a rhino swatting away a fly.

Drew Olson and Carlos Briones

Unless, apparently, you are former UCLA star turned NFL back-up Drew Olson. As the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports, he made it to the semifinals of the San Francisco City Golf Championships before getting bounced by a 14-year-old kid named Carlos Briones. And for a player who made a name for himself by leading the Bruins to five double-digit comebacks his senior season, he folded under the pressure and blew a two-up lead with three holes to go. To a 14-year-old.

To be fair to Olson, he hadn’t played golf in a tournament since he was 8, and only recently began playing on a regular basis, so you should probably be impressed with the fact that he made it that far in a tournament which included college players and coaches. And Briones appears to be a phenom in the making, as he went on to beat a freshman on the Cal team 3 and 2 to become the youngest-ever winner of the tournament.

So maybe it’s not the catastrophe that it might appear at first glance, but … Captain Comeback choked against a 14-year-old kid? You’ll have to excuse me while the Trojan alum in me has a good chuckle about it. I can promise you that this wouldn’t have happened to Trent Dilfer. (Or Al Del Greco, for that matter.)

Plus, what is Olson doing in San Francisco right now? After all, he was a high selection by Virginia in the first-ever United National Gridiron League draft, and their season is supposed to start on March 22. Shouldn’t he be in … let me see … ah yes, Senators’ training camp getting ready for the season instead of swinging his sticks? Just another UNGL athlete who thinks he’s bigger than the league.

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