NFL Putting Beer-Bonging Jerkwad Fans On Notice

Now that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has solved the crime problem among players and coaches, he’s turning his attention to the fans. Which means that the “No Fun League” tag will extend beyond the playing field all the way to the parking lot.

James Harrison bodyslams drunk fan

According to USA TODAY, In addition to cracking down on debaucherous tailgaters, the NFL will also be less tolerant of general jerky fan behavior:

…drunk and “disruptive” fans can be ejected from stadiums or parking lots without refund — and stripped of their season tickets. The same goes for fans who verbally or physically harass other fans, use obscene language or gestures or interfere with the game by throwing objects onto the field. Fans who become drunk or unruly during pregame tailgating will not be allowed into stadiums.

This all seems very obvious, but if you’ve been to an NFL game recently, there’s a good chance you were subjected to one or all of these wonderful experiences.

This isn’t the first time the league has tried to deal with unruly fan behavior. The Bengals introduced the Jerk Hotline two years ago with mixed results. (As it turned out, the players needed more policing than the patrons.) But under the new policy, each of the 32 NFL teams will be responsible for implementing the family friendly fan code of conduct.

Enforcement will be the key, of course, but the New England Patriots have a leg up on the other 31 teams: Gillette Stadium is already equipped with surveillance cameras (thanks, Matt Walsh!), so policing fan behavior shouldn’t be an issue.