NFL Players Featured In Let It Rain Nightclub Promotion

“LET IT RAIN” CLUB PROMO FEATURES ANONYMOUS NFLERS: It’s a good news, bad news kind of day for Pacman Jones.

The bad news: His plea arrangement keeping him out of the cooler in Tennessee may soon be revoked (and scuttling our planned Joe Francis-Pacman buddy cop sitcom pitch to BRAVO).

NYJER PLEASE has the good news: A group of largely anonymous NFL ballers are hosting something called the “Let It Rain Power Hour” as part of something called the “Special NFL Celebrity Super Extravaganza Back To Camp Party” at a nightclub in Austin, TX. this Saturday.

Let Ir Rain Promotional Poster

Nothing says “Special NFL Celebrity Super Extravaganza” like Terrance Melton (Panthers), Travarous Bain (Cardinals) and Dashon Goldson (49ers), especially when it’s necessary to list their team of origin in parentheses.

Let It Rain Promotional Poster

More importantly, the “Let It Rain Power Hour” guarantees that “cash will be falling from everywhere“. Perhaps someone will take up a collection, mindful of Pacman’s future bail commits.

And NYJER PLEASE has this silver lining: “somewhere in the world, Pacman Jones is blowing his conch shell, reassembling his posse and will soon embark on a journey to Austin.