Blog-O-Rama: NFL Owners Declare CBA Now DOA

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK tallies the votes on the CBA, and the NFL owners unanimously decide to make it DOA.

NFL logo collage

Such news could soon mean job cuts at the NFL Network. It’s a good thing Bryant Gumbel already left early.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS finds Pete Carroll touring the USC campus & asking people if they know who he is.

• WITH LEATHER argues that if interleague play ain’t broke, why fix it?

• DEADSPIN bids a fabulous fond farewell to Mike Piazza.

• 100% INJURY RATE tosses over video of Maria Sharapova practicing with a pigskin.

• The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS hurls up word that Pedro Martinez may retire at the end of the year to attend to his ailing father.

• BLACK HEART GOLD PANTS presents your next blockbuster action star - undrafted Illinois linebacker J Leman.

• MMA JUNKIE shouts out news that Gus Johnson will be calling CBS’s first EliteXC event.

• One’s not good enough, as WICKED GOOD SPORTS already thinks that Jon Lester can throw a second straight no-hitter.