NFL Owner Irsay Wants Super Bowl 50 Held In L.A.

Sam Farmer of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that Indy Colts Owner Jim Irsay is making a push to have the Super Bowl in 2016 held in Los Angeles. That year is no coincidence, as it’s 50th anniversary of the first Super Bowl, staged in Los Angeles at the Coliseum.

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(If Packers make Super Bowl 50, I certainly don’t forsee need for holdup)

No way in hell, right? Well Irsay is somewhat influential in the league when it comes to the big game, as he serves on the NFL’s Super Bowl committee. And you would think it might make sense as there could already be 1-2 NFL franchises planted in SoCal by the time 2016 rolls around. (Stop rolling your eyes.)

Irsay though sees it as the other way around.

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If a Super Bowl comes, you’re hoping that it leads to a bigger day,” he told the LAT. “The synergy of the thing hopefully leads to another franchise. It’s a realistic possibility.”

When contacted, officials at both the Rose Bowl and Coliseum, which have staged the game in the past, said they were interested (as if they wouldn’t be?).

One small detail though: Just to be consider for the game will mean the city will have to raise tens of millions for a proposal.

The Super Bowl bids are expensive. In Indianapolis, Irsay spearheaded an effort that raised more than $25 million of private money to pay for the proposal. He said someone in L.A. would have to make a similar effort, and stressed that the Super Bowl wouldn’t simply be handed to the city.

Your next four sites for The Bowl are already in the books: Tampa, Miami, Dallas and Indianapolis. The 2013 game probably will be awarded this spring.

This story feels a lot like a plant by Irsay to drum up interest from private investors for a Super Bowl proposal. Surely there will be no public money going to such an endeavor.

The good news is Irsay seems genuinely interested in the prospect of Super Bowl 50 in Los Angeles. The bad news is that he must not have much confidence in the immediate chance of the city landing an NFL franchise, as he said he thought the 2016 game would create momentum to launch a new team in The Basin.

If it’s been that long, do you really think people will bother? I know I wouldn’t care.