NFL? On My iPhone? More Likely Than You Think

Do you love the NFL? We mean really, really love pro football, to the point where your fandom causes you to spontaneously spend hundreds of dollars on it per year - just so you can watch a lot of it on television?

NFL iPhone
(Hey cool, it’s an iPhone and the NFL and OH DAMN IT WHY WON’T HE GO AWAY)

Then, good golly, have we got good news for you! Following baseball’s lead, the NFL and DirecTV have just announced a plan to offer an iPhone application for fans to subscribe to the NFL’s Sunday Ticket service. Unlike the MLB plan, though, the NFL appears to have a giant disadvantage: it’s really not cheap.

First, the particulars, via BARRON’S TECH TRADER DAILY:

To use the service, you’ll need to pay for both the satellite TV provider’s $280 Sunday Ticket subscription, and a $100 add-on Superfan upgrade. The service is subject to local blackout rules.

Oh, you don’t have DirecTV? So sad, so sad. You’ll just have to spend your $380 on something else, like a prostitute and a cheeseburger. Preferably not at the same time, unless that’s your “thing.”

Meanwhile, recall that on the MLB AtBat application, the price is only $10 for the season. Granted, that’s for one game at a time, rather than the comprehensive service the NFL offers, but still.

Also, granted, baseball’s on every day and has 162 games in a season; the odds that your favorite team is playing a can’t-miss game that’s being offered by the service are prohibitively small, compared with the once-a-week, 16-weeks-a-year frenetic pace of the NFL, but still.

Also, granted, baseball is two steps up from watching paint dry, while football is awesome and exciting. But still.