NFL Media As The “Pulp Fiction” Basement Scene

You’ve probably heard the conflicting stories regarding the current status of Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor. Jason Cole of YAHOO SPORTS initially reported last night that Taylor was done playing for the Fins.

Bill Parcells

Upon seeing the report by Cole, Bill Parcells immediately contacted ESPN’s Chris Mortensen to lash out at the Yahoo report, saying it was false and that “This latest report is just another example of journalistic irresponsibility.

Mortensen must’ve gritted his teeth when he took the call from The Tuna about Taylor, considering how Parcells treated Mort the last time he was involved in NFL transactional intrigue.Back in December, Mortensen reported that Parcells was going to go to Atlanta to take over the Falcons football operation. You have to assume Mort got that information from ESPN-mate-at-the-time Parcells, but by the time the report hit air, Parcells was in Miami, closing on a contract to wrest the reigns of the Dolphins.

With all that in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if Parcells goes back on his word when it comes to Taylor’s situation - and ends up trading him to a contender.

Meanwhile, Mort must be thinking about the whole “fool me once … ” scenario. Either that or the Ving Rames ball gag basement scene in “Pulp Fiction.”

UPDATE: Miami media insider Jorge Sedano of WAXY-AM has a well-reasoned take on the situation.