NFL Games in 3-D? And the Cheerleaders, Too?

Peter King takes a moment between sips to let the world know he’s still in love with U2 after attending a 3-D IMAX show recently. (Tuffy to King: Don’t tell us how it feels like Bono is in your lap while using the word “bouncing” in the previous and subsequent sentences. Thanks.)

3-D Cheerleaders

After the show, King talks to Art Modell’s son, David, who is an executive producer on the film. Would it be possible to use 3-D technology on an NFL game? “It can be done a lot earlier than that.”

On the 55th anniversary of the first studio-made 3-D film release, imagine a live broadcast to movie theaters of NFL games in three dimensions, including the players, fans, and cheerleaders. We would lay good money that Gregg Easterbook would go out like Paul Reubens.

The technology boggles as much as it did half a century ago and may indeed have applications to sporting events. Certainly, the notion of broadcasting events the world could never quite attend into movie theaters has a devoted following to this day. Out-of-town fans could enjoy their hometown teams as they never could before.

However, we’re mostly reminded that this sounds attractive mostly because it costs too much to get into an NFL game for many Americans, especially more than once a year. This isn’t a technological necessity borne from a lack of broadcast ability, like the great boxing films of old.

Instead, this feels more like delivering the games to the unwashed masses, separating the haves from “have-a-seat-30-miles-from-the-stadium”s.

Having said that… yeah, we’d show up because we’re suckers for new shiny toys. However, we’re coming only if beer and nachos were served. After all, we want the full stadium experience and no one’s worked on advancing Smell-O-Vision in nearly 50 years.