NFL Fines Four Ravens Players and Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan

RAVENS PLAYERS, BRONCOS COACH TALKING JUST FINE(D): In the National Football League, it pays to speak your mind.

Bart Scott Samari Rolle Ravens

The BALTIMORE SUN reports that four Ravens players were fined by the league for criticizing the officials in the Birds’ 27-24 Monday night loss to the Patriots.Cornerbacks Samari Rolle & Chris McAlister and receiver Derrick Mason were each slapped with a $15,000 bill for their critical comments about the crew. Linebacker Bart Scott has to dole out a little more - $25,000 - for verbally abusing the officials and tossing one of the ref’s flags into the stands.

Baltimore coach Brian Billick said the team would not argue the fines.

Mike Shanahan

Meanwhile, the DENVER POST reports that Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was also fined by the NFL on Friday for his comments about the league’s substance abuse policy.Shanahan has to shell out $25,000 for publicly discussing the details of Travis Henry’s appeal of his 1-year drug suspension. The coach detailed how the Broncos’ RB took hair sample and lie detector test to prepare for his appeal.

Talking about the substance abuse policy process is apparently against league rules. Shanahan maintains he was only trying to support his player. Somehow it worked, as Henry won his appeal on Tuesday.

money grab

With Terence Newman’s recent threats to Jon Kitna, the NFL’s fines department could be rollin’ in dough again after this weekend.