Polamalu Could Be (Hair) Cut By New NFL Proposal

If a new NFL proposal passes, Troy Polamalu will need to get a trim.

Troy Polamalu Broncos

Adam Schefter of The NFL NETWORK reports that the Kansas City Chiefs have proposed a rule to “ban players from having their hair cover or obscure the names on the back of player’s jersey.”

The proposal has been offered to the league’s competition committee, who are expected to vote on it during meetings later this month.

According to Schefter:

The Chiefs view longer hair as a uniform violation. But others could interpret it as a safety violation. When Kansas City played Pittsburgh in October 2006, Chiefs running back Larry Johnson pulled down Polamalu from behind grabbing a hold of his hair.

If Polamalu is forced to get a haircut, we believe he might be able to stall a trip to Supercuts by claiming his flowing locks are a tribute to his Samoan heritage.

And we’re sure Sheila Marikar and Jemele Hill would love to help raise a stink about it.