NFL Considers Moving Pro Bowl to Week Before the Super Bowl

NFL PROPOSES PRO BOWL BE PLAYED BEFORE SUPER BOWL: NFL commish Roger Goodell certainly likes to tinker with his league. Recently, he entertained proposals of shipping the Super Bowl to London. Now, he’s thinking of moving the Pro Bowl to an earlier date - like the week before the Big Game:

Roger Goodell NFL Pro Bowl program

YAHOO! SPORTS rearranges their schedules, as Goodell looks for ways to pump life into the low-rated all-star show. Along with the TV viewers, even some of the participants are getting bored with the post-season spectacle.

10-time Pro Bowler Jonathan Ogden isn’t as excited about the invite anymore: “It’s a great honor and everybody loves getting voted to the Pro Bowl….But after awhile, that trip gets long. The first couple of times you go to Hawaii, it’s great. But then, you don’t want to get on that plane.”

NFL will briefly brief themselves about the idea during their fall meetings next Tuesday, and probably discuss it further during their March meet-ups.

The Pro Bowl is one of the few sports all-star games that occur after the season, unlike the contests for MLB, NBA and NHL. (Then again, the NFL year lasts for only 16 games, while the other leagues go for 84 or 162.) By February, most fans and players have tuned out from the sport, a condition Odgen calls “football fatigue”.

Pro Bowl

Many players are opposed to the proposed move, with the biggest concern being the potential for injuries. If the game was moved to a date before the Super Bowl, many invitees might pass on appearing. Then you’d likely have have an all-star game filled with 3rd and 4th-choice all-stars.

Besides, it’s a looooong flight from Honolulu to Heathrow.