NFL Cheerleading Isn’t Brain Surgery - Or Is It?

• Titans cheerleader Melissa: All about beauty, ballet & brain research.

Melissa Tennessee Titans cheerleader

• Coming soon to a cinema near you: Dennis Rodman & The Four Dwarfs.

• Will the Worldwide Leader defy the Free World Leader over the BCS?

• Speaking of ESPN, the freshly-cut Pacman Jones plans on bringing a lawsuit against the boys from Bristol.

Tiger Woods gets $65,000 for skipping a PGA tournament? I skip them all the time - so where’s my check?

• They don’t appreciate bad manners in New Jersey. Why, you can get arrested just for giving the bird to a basketball crowd.

• The Yankees would like to thank the public for paying $95 million toward luxury suite upgrades at their new ballpark. But if you try to come in, they’ll throw your ass in jail.

• As long as your dropping dollars on the Yanks’ new digs, why not pony up $190 for a new pair of Air Jordans?

• And the winner of today’s cheeky cheerleader caption contest is…

Denver Nuggets Dancers

GV, with this clever (& family-friendly) contribution: Come on fans… we’re going to show you how to set a backside screen.

Thanks for playing. One more contest to get behind coming tomorrow.