NFL Analyst Sean Salisbury On Air Slur Denied By ESPN

SEAN SALISBURY ON-AIR SLUR DENIED BY ESPN: Over the past couple years, the on-air performance and appearance of ESPN football analyst Sean Salisbury has become more and more erratic.

Rabbi Sean Salisbury

The former NFL QB’s appearance always seems to vary, from the a generally disheveled look to wildly fluctuating weight. And often he’s completely hoarse.

I’m an avid listener of ESPN radio’s football coverage on the weekends, and Salisbury’s analysis is spot-on about 10% of the time. The other 90% sounds like it comes from someone who hasn’t slept in three days.

Come to find out there might be reasons for Salisbury’s unpredictable presentation - he’s experienced marital problems in the past year, and also has had serious workplace issues at ESPN.

And now is reporting this on-air comment from Salisbury last weekend on Peyton Manning’s cool on-field demeanor: “No need to panic. We’ll nip. We’ll tuck. We’ll go. We’ll crunch. We’ll Jew. We’ll do it all and they nickel and dimed them and Peyton made the play when it mattered.

ESPN has since officially denied that is what Salisbury said, claiming instead that he said “chew“. (here’s the audio from - so you can make up your own mind)

After hearing the audio and understanding the context of his comment, there’s no doubt in my mind he said jew.

And unlike Borat “Throw The Jew Down the Well” Cohen, unless you’re sporting side curls or a designer yamaka, that kind of remark qualifies as an uncalled-for slur.