Next Up, Eddie Guardado Joins Cast Of Jackass

Jamie Mottram at breaks the news today that Eddie Guardado’s baseball career will soon be officially classified as a joke.

Gabe Kaplan

(Now opening for Eddie Guardado’s career!)

If you’ve seen Guardado’s stuff lately, perhaps this isn’t news to you. But apparently it soon will be to the Washington Nationals.

Mottram cues Chico Harlan of the WASHINGTON POST:

Continuing an active offseason, the Washington Nationals are close to a contract agreement with free agent reliever Eddie Guardado, according to two sources. The terms remain unknown, but it’s almost certain that the 39-year-old lefty will get a one-year deal.

His most notable connection with the Nationals, prior to this offseason, was a joke. At the trade deadline in 2008, Guardado, then with the Rangers, was summoned from the steam room and told by his manager that he’d been dealt to Washington. According to various news accounts, Guardado was incensed — until he realized it was a prank.

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