Next: Bobby Clarke Tale From Fijian Nudist Colony

Matt Pesotski over at THE 700 LEVEL scares up a gem about Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel today that you’ll either find eminently amusing or downright disgusting (we’re in the latter).

Charlie Manuel

(This Man. Nude.)

As part of Manuel’s former baseball travails in Japan, PHILADELPHIA magazine describes one of his off-field jaunts, in a Japanese bathhouse.

Luigi and another player helped Manuel down some stairs, where he found a vast rippling bath with hot water pouring over a wall of rocks into a pool. The water steamed. Manuel felt too weak to protest, so he eased in, and the water seemed to boil the flesh off his bones. “Acchhhhhhh,” he cried, crawling into a corner of the bath to wait in solitude for a nude and water-logged death. After a while, exhaustion won its battle with pain, so Manuel laid his head back and closed his eyes. In his half-sleep, he heard distinctly feminine giggling. He lifted his head to see 40 or 50 naked Japanese women padding toward him.

The women started playing with his reddish hair and muscular arms, laughing. Manuel lay there in a horror of paralysis, unable to lift even a hand. He thought, You’ve got to be kidding me.

Charlie Manuel, naked, with 50 nude Japanese prostitutes. Great. Thanks for that.

So what’s next for Philadelphia Magazine? John Chaney’s hijinks with Honduran tourists in a cruise ship sauna? Tales from Bobby Clarke in a Fijian nudist colony?