Newton Lawyer: Cecil Just In Stadium For Postgame

Before the BCS Championship Game between Auburn and Oregon on Monday night in Glendale, Ariz., Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs told the media it had been “mutually agreed upon” that Cecil Newton would not be in attendance at University of Phoenix Stadium for the game.

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

(Photos: Cecil Newton Before The BCS Championship Game Outside Stadium)

But then a photo surfaced, taken by Vasha Hunt of the OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS, of Newton hugging son Cam from inside the stadium after the game.

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

And now, three days after the game, a representative of the Newton camp is claiming that Cecil indeed was not in the stadium - until after the game.

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

Christine Brennan on USA TODAY talked to Cecil Newton’s personal attorney George Lawson and reported late Wednesday:

His lawyer told USA TODAY Wednesday afternoon that he wasn’t even there — at least not until the game ended, when he was photographed hugging his son, Cam, after Auburn’s 22-19 victory against Oregon.

“Mr. Newton viewed the game from an off-site location and came to the stadium after the game when everyone was leaving to personally congratulate his son,” attorney George Lawson said in a phone interview. “He was probably at some sports bar or something like that. I don’t know.”

Asked when Cecil left the off-site location and how long it took him to get to the stadium, Lawson replied, “I can’t answer that for you. I don’t know.”

How about if Cecil had a ticket, or how he got in through stadium security? “I have no idea,” the attorney said.

This latest admonition is perhaps more worrisome than had Newton’s lawyer refused comment.

Having attended a BCS Championship Game myself, in 2006 at the Rose Bowl, I can tell you that there was more security before, during and after that game than any event I’ve ever intended - including the Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four. It took over an hour just to get out of the stadium. I can’t fathom being able to go in the stadium at that time.

So how did Cecil Newton get past what was undoubtedly extremely tight security at University of Phoenix Stadium to reach his son after the game?

Hard to believe he could without some manner of formal and/or dubious escort.

And, knowing Auburn’s stance on the matter, why would Cecil do that in the first place - especially if he wasn’t already in the stadium?

Newton’s lawyer’s claim about the nature of Cecil’s appearance at the BCS Title Game has, somehow, raised more questions than answers about Cam’s dad’s possible attendance at the game.

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