World Would Implode If Manny Was Manny in NYC

The best idea I’ve heard in 2008 is absolutely the straight-up trade of Manny Ramirez for Brett Favre that TIRICO SUAVE recently threw out. Sadly though, it’s not likely to happen. But as Dan Shaughnessy noted, Manny has to go somewhere other than Boston. Or else, *gasp*, he (Dan) would be wrong.

Manny GB

And if you listen to the NEWARK (NJ) STAR LEDGER, that place could be the New York Mets. Oh, the fun we would have with Manny in the Big Apple.

Contrary to the denials that made the rounds Monday, officials from both teams say the Mets have contacted the Red Sox about Manny Ramirez and are interested in pursuing a deal for him if Boston decides to make him available.The Red Sox suspect that GM Omar Minaya wants Ramirez more than Mets ownership does. Regardless, the Mets are reluctant to part with top-prospect talent in exchange for outfielders like Adam Dunn, Raul Ibanez and Randy Winn, but they (rightly) consider Ramirez a far superior hitter to those in that group, and they would discuss players in a Ramirez deal that they would not discuss in others. What remains to be seen is whether a Ramirez deal is too complicated to come together in time for the deadline.

Here’s the quick answer to that last question/statement: yes.

Manny to the Mets? When they didn’t have enough in their farm system to acquire Xavier Nady? I think the possibility is pretty unlikely. Besides, it’s not like Theo Epstein is suddenly going to give up on this year and have a firesale. He’s playing to win now. Manny is playing for a new contract now.

He’s not going to stop trying suddenly just because he didn’t get traded or just get an extension, not with $25+ million a year on the line. Sure, he might try and … push the team around a little to squeeze some more money out of them, but if Theo doesn’t get proper value back, you can almost guarantee this deal won’t go down.