New York Knicks Destroyed By Boston Celtics in 45-Point Loss

KNICKS KNACKED & PADDY-WHACKED BY 45 IN BEANTOWN: If the New York Knicks have indeed become a circus, last night’s game was the Grand Finale:

New York Knicks dejected

Isiah’s team was destroyed by Boston 104-59 on Thursday night. A last-second half-court 3 from Nate Robinson kept New York from setting a team record for lowest score ever. The Celtics led by as much as 52 points during the game.We could understand if the final score was referring to a Boston College-NYU exhibition. But an NBA game featuring New York’s own professional franchise?

Clown Isiah Thomas popcorn

A huge parade of zany clowns goofing and gallanting under the big top? The Knicks situation is much funnier.