New York Cops To Still Honor “Role Model” Joba?

PAGE SIX reports today that New York City’s “Police Athletic League is still scheduled to honor him at its annual SportsNite dinner Dec. 16 at the Grand Hyatt.

Joba Chamberlain


Chamberlain of course was popped for DUI last week in Omaha. And news also recently surfaced that he was at a nudie bar before he was pulled over for the alcohol-related (alleged) offense.

I’m guessing the NYC cops were looking to sneak Chamberlain in under the radar after the DUI, but PAGE SIX has blown the thing wide open. Making it worse is a previous statement made by the PAL Prez John Osborne about the Yankees pitcher.


In an Oct. 10 letter to potential sponsors, PAL president John Osborne notes, “Since making his New York debut . . . Joba has made a huge impact on the city and has already become a good friend to PAL. A wonderful role model for our children, we are honored to be presenting Joba with our 2008 Athlete of the Year award.”

Yeah, bad timing. The letter was sent out on Oct. 10, so you can’t criticize Osborne’s statements per se. Though they are a tad over-the-top.

But you would’ve thought Osborne & Co. would’ve backed off on the hyperbole to sponsors from another bad, past experience. The organization previously honored Roger Clemens at the same event.

It’s pretty much a mess, which makes you wonder if perhaps Joba has put in a call to the downed Rocket for some timely advice. (OK, I know, that’s a reach.)

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