New Yankees Pitcher Likes to Go Both Ways, Eh?

The always-racy NEW YORK DAILY NEWS couldn’t wait to tell you about the newest bit of chicanery from the Yankees organization. Sure, they’ve had their wife-swapping and bed-hopping in the past, but they’ve never had someone bring their own special glove. (”Special Glove”, of course, was a #4 hit for Lou Rawls in 1974.)

Wild at Heart

With their 20th round selection, the Yankees selected curiosity Pat Venditte from Creighton University. What’s his pet peccadillo? He throws left-handed. And right-handed. His father (absolutely not one of those dads; not at all) made Mizuno create a special glove for his kid to switch throwing hands with when he was a toddler.

That may slide this from kinky to Lynchian.

Kevin Goldstein, prospect maven for BASEBALL PROSPECTUS, doesn’t find more than a human interest bent in this tale. In a recent chat for the site, he points out that “… what he does is definitely amazing, but at the same time, he’s not really “pro good” from either side.”

With the door being slammed on Wang’s return creating a painful void between now and the final day of the season and the woes thrust upon the staff by toasty veterans and underdone youth, the Yankees will try anything to get a decent pitching performance this year. Can we put a ball gag on Hank?

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