New Yankee Stadium Stole HS Team’s Home Field

Many baseball fans have often referred to the New York Yankees as “The Evil Empire”. (If you really need to know why, just ask the fans of the Red Sox, Mets and the other 27 MLB clubs.) Well, hearing stories like the one about All Hallows High School kind of cements this reviled reputation.

All Hallows High School baseball team

(Needs a good home - evicted earlier by the Evil Empire)

All Hallows is a Catholic school in the Bronx. The Gaels used to play their baseball games at a field in Macombs Dam Park. However, when the Yanks decided they needed a new ballpark of their own, Macombs Dam Park was selected as the site to build their new baseball cathedral. So everything was torn out to make it so - trees, grass, and any other smaller ballparks that happened to be in the way. Like All Hallows’ home field, for instance.

So while the Bronx Bombers can enjoy the creature comforts of a new & luxurious home, the Gaels go homeless.

Manny Fernandez of the NEW YORK TIMES explains what the Gaels must now go through:

Without a home field, coaches have held baseball practices in the cafeteria and the gym, and the school had to spend $75,000 to buy two buses and is planning to buy a third for $25,000 because of the increased travel to and from games.

For example, for a recent weekend contest, All Hallows players had to meet at the school at 9:15 a.m. to take an hour-long bus ride from the Bronx to Staten Island - all for a “home” game. But it didn’t feel much like home, especially when none of the All Hallows parents were able to make it out to the game.

Doesn’t seem fair that a high school team just down the street from the Yankees would be banished to an eternal road trip by the team they idolize - and style their uniforms after:

“That’s the ironic thing,” said Sean Sullivan, principal at All Hallows. “We’re wearing Yankee pinstripes, and they’re the ones that threw us off the field. And I’m a die-hard Yankee fan. And, boy, am I dying hard here.”

Shhh, Sean! Not so loud about the pinstripes! Before you know it, the Steinbrenners will be demanding some dough for the use of their image. And if they’re willing to kick your baseball team out of house & home, who know what legal nightmares they would have in store for the rest of your school.

In the meantime, All Hallows will be busing throughout the Big Apple since they have no home ballpark to call their own. But if you’d like to stop by for a game & show some support for the Gaels, here’s a PDF file of their remaining schedule.